24 Mar

A New Real Estate App Called Genesis Vue

genesis logo

There is a new real estate app that is changing the game when it comes to real estate. More specifically when it comes to buying and selling homes. When the average home buyer wants to look at a home, they must first look at the pictures of the house online, then schedule a time to go and visit the property to see it with their own eyes. With Genesis Vue, this is no longer the case.

As you can see, Genesis Vue aims to change the way homes are looked at. Now the buyer can make a decision before visiting the home in person.

As we all know, real estate listings can be deceiving. Not all houses pictures are honest, and most home buyers will tell you this. With this revolutionary new real estate app, realtors and real estate agents are harnessing the power of Genesis Vue.

Genesis Vue has a drone fly around the property that is being listed, and also flies throughout the house. This allows for the buyer to scroll through the house and view the home online as if they were visiting the house in person. It is a brand new concept that was started by Genesis Vue and they are a completely unique company in that regard. Their business is located in the GTA and currently that is their only target market, however they are expanding across Canada hopefully later in 2016.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of Genesis Vue, you can visit their website at GenesisVue.com.

19 Jan

The Great Canadian Business Directory

Our website is dedicated to promoting good quality local businesses right here in Canada. We hand select from thousands of businesses every single month and only pick the best of the best when it comes to services ad products.

The main goal of our directory is to get more publicity to good old Canadian businesses. So if your business out sources any of its work from foreign countries or you choose to import your goods from foreign countries because its “cheaper”. Move along because you are not right for our business directory. Our readers only want to hear about companies that represent our Canadian heritage. The Canadian dollar is at an all time low and this is because we are importing from other countries when we could be buying from companies right here in Canada. We must fight to keep our nation strong, and the only way to do this is by keeping our money right here in Canada. This is the only way our dollar will come back to where it once was.


We only recommend 100% Canadian companies.The criteria that must be met is very precise and it as follows:

The Rules Of Our Directory

-Your company must be 100% Canadian

-You cannot out source any of your business from foreign countries

-You cannot hire employees from foreign countries

-All of the products and goods you require for business must be bought in Canada. No importing goods into Canada from outside of out country. This goes against everything our organization stands for.

Membership Fees

The fees for our directory are very cheap for what you will receive. For only 1$ per day you can have your article listed on our business directory. This is an unbeatable rate and you will be receiving hundreds of visitors every week so think of the value.